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November 2nd-5th are going to be action packed with amazing speakers sharing how to grow your reselling income and run a more effective business. 

But it totally defeats the purpose if you're overwhelmed by trying to catch every video each day. That's where the All Access Pass comes in!

Give yourself the space to take it in slowly and implement as you go.

Day 1 - 
May 17th
Dani Ness and Sherry Lent
Second Chance Ohana
Presentation: "How to Make Obsolete Furniture Desirable Again."

We are a mother-daughter team who flip furniture and teach others to do the same on our YouTube channel and on Instagram. We live 2 miles apart and count it an incredible blessing that we get to work together everyday and that we get to do this as a business as a means to provide for our family. We are now using our design, creativity, and our problem solving skills to turn our passion and hobby for painting and restoring furniture into a full fledged, side hustle, flipping business.

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Look at this hutch they found at Goodwill that they turned into a bar!
Whitney Hansen
Financial Coach + Host of The Money Nerds Podcast
Presentation: "The Best Places To Source Furniture For Flipping."

Whitney Hansen is a financial coach, speaker, and host of the award winning podcast, The Money Nerds. She has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, ESPN, Yahoo! Finance, Ally and frequents local news channels. After paying off $30,000 in 10 months, hacking her way to a $472 MBA, and buying her first home at 19, she discovered her love for helping Millennials take control of their financial life.

In her free time she travels frequently, teaches college students about personal finance as an Adjunct Professor, and tests side hustles for fun. She lives in Boise, Idaho.

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Bethany Olson
Furniture Flipper at ABnC Creations
Presentation: "Selling Your Furniture Local 101"

Hi everyone!
I'm Bethany! I grew up in Wisconsin and recently moved to Arizona with my family (husband, and two little girls). I was a teacher before children, and then started my own piano studio so I could stay home with my own kids. After moving down to Phoenix I decided to try my hand at furniture flipping and I love it! I've learned so much from this community and I can't wait to share with you some of the tips I've learned along the way!

Look at this side table Bethany reporised into a fun piece for a kid's room! 
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Kimberly Bagley, CPA
CPA & QuickBooks ProAdvisor
Presentation: "Simplifying QuickBooks and Bookkeeping."

I’ve been a Certified Public Accountant since 1999, served as Controller for a multi-million dollar company for 5 years and have now been practicing public accounting serving over 150+ small business clients with monthly bookkeeping, QuickBooks support, tax preparation and tax planning for 19 years. I guess you can say I have a little bit of knowledge that might can help you 😉

I believe that every business owner should have access to the very best guidance no matter their budget. I have worked with clients with 100 employees down to 1, but my heart loves to start with a new or (fairly new) business and come alongside and make sure they have everything they need to be successful and stay out of trouble with the IRS at the same time!

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3 coats of Charm
Presentation: "How To Get A Light Wood Finish - Tips And Tricks To Overcome Naturally Dark, Yellow Or Red Toned Wood"

Iris has been painting furniture and selling it for profit for the past 4 years. She loves to take vintage furniture and give it a makeover to suit modern tastes. As a busy mom to three kids, she often gets the whole family involved in her upcycles. She loves to share tips and tricks on her blog and you can often find her getting inspiration and encouraging others on Instagram. 

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Look at this gorgeous piece Iris painted!
Day 2 - 
May 18th
Jen Talley
Perfectly Imperfect Furniture
Presentation: "How To Have A Successful Furniture Flipping Business Without Needing To Be Perfect."

Hi! I am Jen Talley, the owner and and artist behind Perfectly Imperfect Furniture! I started painting and refinishing furniture about 8 years ago. What started as a hobby and way to fill our home with furniture, has turned into a burning passion and successful business! I am a wife and mom first and foremost - Jim is my husband and biggest fan, Devin is my 15 year old daughter, and Beckam my 14 year old son. Everything I do is for them! 

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Look at this gorgeous piece Jen painted!
Destiny Vega
Furniture Flipping Destiny 
Presentation: "How To Use An Ombré Technique To Paint Furniture."

Hello! I'm Destiny and I've been flipping furniture for about a year and a half.
It all started with two ugly curbside bookshelves, and I fell in love with the process! Shortly after teaching myself how to flip and refurbish furniture, I started a fb group and started teaching others how to do it as well! I love the furniture flipping industry and all of the amazing and talented people I've met and taught along the way. 

Here's to the most successful flipping year yet! 

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Amira Irfan
A Self Guru
Presentation: "How to Legally Start Your Furniture Flipping Business."

Amira Irfan is a business lawyer and seven-figure blogger behind A Self Guru, an online company that helps entrepreneurs legally protect their businesses by providing affordable legal templates and services. Amira has had the honor of helping over 50,000 entrepreneurs comply with the laws and safeguard their businesses. Her work has been featured on Ticker News, Yahoo Finance, Business Digest Magazine, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, International Business Times, US Times Now, and more!

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Kristin Smith & Kacey Stout
BB Frösch
Presentation: "4 Easy (And Professional) Furniture Refinishing Techniques for Under $10!"

Kristin Smith and Kacey Stout are the mother-daughter duo behind BB Frösch. Kristin developed BB Frösch Paint Transformer, the affordable and premium alternative to expensive pre-mixed chalk paint. Together, Kristin and Kacey transform dated, forgotten, kicked-to-the-curb and treasured furniture and teach others to do the same. Our motto is to leave furniture and people better than we find them. We call it The Frösch Effect.

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Check out this beautiful piece Kristin & Kacey updated!
Anastasia Spring 
Furniture by Anastasia 
Presentation: "How to Flip a Dresser."

HI! My name is Anastasia. I started painting furniture over 8 years ago. My first project was my first son's bedroom set: a crib, a dresser and a changing table. It was used furniture, but it was solid wood and in great shape. The only thing I didn't care for was the color. I didn't really know what I was doing, and though it turned out pretty nice, I have learnt so much from my experience. Since we had a lot of hand me down furniture, I decided to paint it all! I finally found a way to have exactly what I want in my house without paying the big bucks at big Furniture stores. I started learning about painting techniques, researching about the best and safest products on the market.

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Look at this super unique piece Anastasia did!
Day 3 - 
May 19th
Mark Tew, CPA
Not Your Dad's CPA
Presentation: "My 10 Top Tax Tips for Furniture Flippers."

Mark Tew is a CPA who specializes in helping resellers optimize their taxes and profitability. After deciding that there was a better option than the soul sucking life of public accounting, he created Not Your Dad's CPA. He has helped thousands of resellers save money and attain peace of mind about taxes. He also runs his own reselling side business, so he knows a thing or two about how to navigate the tax and accounting side of ecommerce. Mark enjoys Mexican food, movies, volleyball, and hanging out with his family.

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Kyah Cartrette
Kyah - @littleshantyoriginals 
Presentation: "How to Blend Paint to Create Beautiful Pieces."

Hey friends!! My name is Kyah I’m 30, and a stay at home mom of 2! I sell furniture out of 2 local stores here in RI! Hope I can inspire and teach you some new tricks to update furniture of your own!! 

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Look how pretty this piece is that Kyah did!
David Funk
David Funk Painting & Design
Presentation: "Painting Furniture From The Perspective Of A Professional House Painter."

I started painting houses in 1998, and by 2004 I was self-employed with my own painting business. Over the years, clients would give me really great items for free!

Eventually I discovered that not only did it help them by getting those items out of their space, I found I could resell them at a profit, giving me an additional source of income!

I started refinishing furniture items that they would give me, and selling those at a profit as well. I love taking an old out-dated piece, and bringing it back to life again!

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Megan Garcia
A Masters Touch
Presentation: "The Illusion of Failure."

Megan Garcia is a self-taught artist with a tenacity and love for creating fine art. She enjoys the unique challenge of using a variety of mediums to develop her unique, bold, and free-handed art, with her most recognized canvas being that of furniture. Her unique gift and energetic spirit have earned her global respect and appreciation throughout the Facebook community. In addition to fine art, Megan is a wife and mother of three, DIYer, lover of power tools, eternal student, active leader in her community through ministry, and she even hosts a free monthly painting class at her local church. 

Check out Megan's artwork on this dresser!
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Jansen Contino
New Creation Furniture
Presentation: "Beginner Tips To Help You Get Started Painting Furniture."

Hi! I'm Jansen, the content creator behind New Creation Furniture. I started flipping furniture just for fun in 2021, and I had no idea that it would turn into such an awesome side hustle! I love working on furniture and saving old pieces from the landfill. It is such a rewarding and fun hobby that anyone can do!

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Check out one of Jansen's beautiful dressers!
Rob & Melissa Stephenson
Co Founders Of Flea Market Flipper
Presentation: "How Selling Furniture on eBay and Offering Shipping Can Increase Your Flipping Profits"

We LOVE helping everyday people make an extra income from flipping used items. 
Rob has been doing this flipping gig for 25 years and it's always been a fantastic extra income - even sometimes a lifesaver when needed. (We made it a full-time income in 
We just want to share our side hustle with those looking for an extra income that is accessible for anyone! (No college required - I even barely passed high school so anyone can do this!) 

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Day 4 - From The Vault
May 20th
Nick Santonastasa
Mindset Coach & Motivational Speaker
Presentation: "How To Get Out Of Your Head & Create A Profitable Business."

Despite being born with no legs and one arm, Nick is a bodybuilder, internationally known public speaker and internet sensation. When Nick was conceived, he had a 30% chance of surviving birth. Nick was 1 of 12 people in the world at the time who was born with Hanhart Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

Nick has spoken on some of the biggest stages and has helped hundreds of thousands of people rewire their thinking and take their business to the next level.

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Hector Garcia
Accountant & Business Consultant
Presentation: "A Reseller's Guide To Quickbooks."

Florida-based CPA, specializing in QuickBooks training services.

Places to go follow Hector at:
Nick Loper
Presentation: "These 5 Habits Separate Successful Side Hustlers From Everyone Else."

Nick Loper helps people earn money outside of their day job. He's an author, online entrepreneur, and host of the award-winning Side Hustle Show podcast, which features new part-time business ideas each week. As Chief Side Hustler at, he loves deconstructing the tactics and strategies behind building extra income streams.

Places to go follow Nick at:
Vincent Pugliese
Founder Of Total Life Freedom Community
Presentation: "Changing Your Trajectory To Get To Total Life Freedom."

Vincent is the founder of the Total Life Freedom Community. Living a life of freedom is of huge importance to Vincent and his wife Elizabeth. They homeschool their three boys, and believe that having control of your time, your money, and the work you do, leads to the ultimate life freedom. While teaching others to do the same, the movement of Total Life Freedom was born.

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